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D-Pad: Move the Ranger / Change water launch direction
十字キー: レンジャーの移動 / 放水方向を変える
B-Button: Pick up the hose / Drop the hose / Pump water from ground
Bボタン: ホースを拾う / ホースを置く / ポンプで水を補充する
A-Button: Shoot water
Aボタン: 放水する
Start: Pause / Resume game
スタート: 一時停止・再開
Select: Not used
セレクト: 使用しない

Blazing Rangers is a brand-new FC/NES action game, developed by Gotta Protectors' creator Karu_gamo, with a red-hot soundtrack composed by Japanese chiptune-legend Hydden and a beautiful manual manga illustrated by Shimotsuki Juugo! The game is entirely optimized for Mapper0 restrictions, which were the earliest PCBs for NES & FC hardware.

The setting and goal of the game is easily explained: You are a fire fighter with the task to rescue all kids from a dangerous and demon-infested fire site.

Equipped with a water hose, you can choose between two characters and will fight an ever-growing wall of fire and a plethora of dangerous enemies to open up the way and save the children. It's also important not to dawdle around - they might get burned if you don't take some risks and hurry to their rescue!

The two main characters Popo and Mimi both have their unique strengths and play-styles, which you can choose from on your own preference OR even send both to the rescue via 2 player coop-play with a friend!






Game Features

  • exciting & unique fire-fighting gameplay for NES&FC-compatible hardware
  • more than 32 challenging levels with many hidden secrets
  • a wide array of power-ups and enemies
  • two different game modes to mix up the gameplay
  • 2-player co-operative play, a partner can join the game at any time
  • randomly generated dangers, each play-through will challenge you in new ways


  • FC互換性ゲーム機用の熱く燃える消火&救出ゲームプレイ
  • 隠された多くの秘密満載の32面以上の挑戦的レベル
  • パワーアップや敵がてんこ盛り
  • ゲーム性が大きく異なる2種類のゲームモード
  • 二人同時プレイ、途中いつでも参加可能
  • ランダム生成された危険な試練はプレイする度に新たな挑戦をしかけてくる!

Digital Release via Itch.io

The digital release of Blazing Rangers is available for purchase on this itch.io site for $12.99 and contains the following files:

  1. Blazing Rangers NES NTSC ROM
  2. Blazing Rangers NES PAL ROM
  3. Honō no Rangerman FC NTSC ROM
  4. English Instruction Booklet PDF
  5. Japanese Instruction Booklet PDF


炎のレンジャーマン/Blazing Rangersダウンロード版はitch.ioより価格は12.99ドル、以下の内容が含まれています。
1.NES NTSC版 Blazing Rangers ROM
2.NES PAL版 Blazing Rangers ROM
3.FC版 炎のレンジャーマン NTSC ROM

Demo Version ROM

A demo ROM with 4 levels is available for free download as well!  Play it on an emulator on a device of your choice or through flashcard on real NES/FC hardware. (Please note the NES demo is optimized for 60Hz/NTSC.)



Physical Cartridge Release

You can order the physical release in the First Press Games webstore: Click here to show all details!


First Press Games/WEBストアでは完全パッケージ版のご注文いただけます。詳細はこちらをクリック!

Blazing Rangers Editions

This is what the critics say:

"Karu_gamo ['s] [...] new firefighting action game is a red hot NES release that showcases a burning passion for Eighties arcade classics."
- Retro Gamer Issue 215, Retro Inspired: Blazing Rangers

"If you've got the skills — and the requisite hardware — Blazing Rangers is a real 8-bit blast."
- Nintendo Life, 8/10⭐ Review

[Blazing Rangers] feels like an early Namco title, [...] when the developers were really experimenting with some weird and interesting ideas, resulting in a game that simultaneously feels classic and novel.

- Hardcore Gaming 101, Review Article

"Within the confines of early Famicom programming, [...] Blazing Rangers does a lot of great things. [...] Whether you are playing alone or with a friend, [it] comes highly recommended!"
- Bullet Heaven #315, Video Review


Karu_gamo氏が創造したこの新たなアクションゲームは、80年代のアーケードスタイルを彷彿とさせる、まるで炎のようにアツいレトロ系ゲームだ。 - Retro Gamer Issue 215, Retro Inspired: Blazing Rangers

スキルとハードさえあれば、炎のレンジャーマンでリアルな8ビットを楽しめる。 - Nintendo Life, 8/10⭐(レビュー評価)

炎のレンジャーマンは初期のナムコシリーズを想起させ、開発者たちの独創的なアイデアから生まれた斬新かつレトロなゲームだ。 - Hardcore Gaming 101, レビュー記事

炎のレンジャーマンは初期FCゲームのレベルでもトップクラスの逸品だ。1人でも仲間とも楽しめるこのゲームを激推しするよ! - Bullet Heaven #315, ビデオレビュー

NES® & FC®/Famicom® are registered trademarks of Nintendo. This release is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Nintendo.

Blazing Rangers/炎のレンジャーマン  ©2021 Karu_gamo, First Press Games. All rights reserved. Copying, secondary distribution, sale, or transfer of this work or its demo to any commercial medium without the permission of the right holder is prohibited.


FC、NES両体験版および本作品の権利はFirst Press Gamesまたは権利の所有者に帰属します。



Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

In order to download this ROM you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Blazing Rangers & 炎のレンジャーマン DL Version.zip 5 MB

Download demo

Blazing Rangers NES Demo 40 kB
炎のレンジャーマン FC デモ版 40 kB

Development log


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Hey, I just love the look of this game! Well done! 

I'm just wondering if the game has an end screen after the 32 levels or, like older games, it loops back to the beginning and can theoretically play forever/ til a kill screen?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! It does have an ending screen, which will also reveal a secret. Depending on a certain side objective, the ending might also change...

@First Press Games I've bought the physical cartridge and it looks awesome, but like @centaur2 asked, does the cartridge use components to do proper level translation from 5V to 3.3V? I've opened the cartridge and all chips inside are rated 3.3V (according to their datasheets), and not 5V which can be bad for both the cartridge and the NES console (aka generate too much heat).

That said, I'm not an expert in electronics so I can't say for sure if it got the circuitry to convert voltage properly.  So I'd appreciate a confirmation that it's safe to use.

If not, it'll make a nice prop on my shelves and I might buy the ROM anyways to play the game on MiSTer FPGA instead. Thanks!

There is a voltage level translation on the PCB, so it is definitely safe to use.

(1 edit)

Awesome, thanks for confirming!

I would've liked to find this info on the game's page on the First Press Games website. It's often a concern these days with all the new releases and reproduction cartridges coming out for classic consoles. It's pretty common that they don't have correct voltage unfortunately.

I just spent the evening playing this with my wife and let me tell you its a great little game!  A real credit to the homebrew scene, you guys should be proud!

The physical PAL cart unfortunately freezes on my NESRGB modded PAL Frontloader. Anyone else having problems?

(4 edits)

The game should work fine on all normal, official PAL/NTSC revisions of the NES, we made sure to test it thoroughly on all of them.

Quick troubleshooting:

(1) Please make sure all console contacts of the cartridge slot are clean and unbent.

(2) Please make sure that the cartridge is running in the correct PAL/NTSC mode. You can adjust the mode by pressing reset quickly five times while the console is turned on with the cartridge inserted.

If neither of that is the issue, could you email our support with a detailed report when and how the freeze occurs and what exact mod has been applied to your console?


Since it is a modded console, we unfortunately cannot promise the fuctionality, but we can look into the issue with our manufacturer if we get more details and maybe solve it. Same goes for clone and emulation consoles.

Thanks for your very quick reply.

As all other games run flawless, the pins should not be at fault.

I tried pressing reset 5 times, but unfortunately this was no


I contacted your support via eMail.

Thanks! And by the way, the quality of the physical release is outstanding.

Sadly no feedback from your support. 

According to Tim Worthington (creator of NESRGB), it is likely that the cart is not compatible with the very stable and powerful 5V levels that the modded NES is providing, as the components in the cart seem to be 3.3V parts.

Please get in touch



I have forwarded this message to our support, it is strange that you have no reply yet. The voltage definitely isn't a problem, there is a voltage level translation on the PCB to make the used parts compatible with the console hardware.

Can you post some box art files for use with emulator frontends? Thanks! Great game :)


I introduced your game.

Is the demo not available anymore? Neither of the demo download links seem to work.

Maybe that was a temporal server problem or such, the download seems to work fine!

I really like your game and the potential it has and I wanted to ask how you guys handled the text for the Famicom version of Blazing Rangers. I was hoping to be able to use it in my own original products. :) thx in advance if you have time.

Blazing Rangers hat very little text so it is in English in both versions, comparable to other Arcade-style games such as Bubble Bobble. Only the title screen, packaging and manual is in Japanese.


I'm loving the demo. When can we expect to see the full version available for purchase and download here?

It is now available as a digital purchase!

Thank you!


I've been hoping for a ROM since this game was first mentioned. Any update on if it will be offered for sale?

Thank you

It is now available, if you prefer a digital purchase.


how's develoment going?

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


I introduced your game on the site.


Hi, do you plan on offering a rom for this?

Yes, it is available now.


I'm curious, do the firefighters themselves have names?

Yes they do! The guy is called Popo and the woman is called Mimi. You can see their names right at the beginning in the character selection of the game.


Really well done,  great homage!


This game reminds me to Bomberman NES Game :)

i see his ass. haha funny!

Any relation to the burning rangers?

Not really, Burning Rangers is a Sega-series. It's not related to Blazing Rangers in any way, other than the shared fire fighting-theme.


this is goood


This is excellent. Not only is the gameplay classic yet completely new, the game has its own theme song. Amazing


I hope we can purchase the full version in a rom version too!

so hyped for the full release still!

Same here

Me too!

ditto! really liked the demo. would definitely buy it @ $10

Your wish has been granted!




Would be nice if we could order just the completed ROM file so we could put it onto other systems too.

(1 edit) (+4)

Yes please, I want to by a ROM Version too.


Same for me, i don't have a NES, i don't want to buy one, i prefer to play with emulators and buy many homebrews her on Itch.io and on Kickstarter. Will it be possible to buy your game in ROM format ?
Maybe when all the cartridge will be sold out ?
Thanks a lot

It took a while, but this option is now available.

(1 edit) (+1)

Check out my Vimeo gameplay! I might be a little bad at this, but check it out! Played on RetroArch multi-emulator


Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it after work!

(1 edit) (+1)

It looks like the good old days:)


I knew it was the same style of Gotta Protectors, at least it gained my hype. I only wish that they Gotta Protectors on more systems than the 3DS.


Was on the XBL, originally.


Cute and amazing! Loved!


Famicom game!

I enjoyed this game alot!



Thanks for playing!


I love it! Really amazing and cute!

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed the demo!


Amazing and fun game. Congrats!

Deleted 1 year ago