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Blazing Rangers is a brand-new 8bit action game, developed by Gotta Protector's creator Karu_gamo, with a red-hot soundtrack composed by Japanese chiptune-legend Hydden and a beautiful manual manga illustrated by Shimotsuki Juugo! The game is entirely optimized for Mapper0 restrictions, which were the earliest PCBs for NES & FC hardware.

The setting and goal of the game is easily explained: You are a fire fighter with the task to rescue all kids from a dangerous and demon-infested fire site.

Equipped with a water hose, you can choose between two characters and will fight an ever-growing wall of fire and a plethora of dangerous enemies to open up the way and save the children. It's also important not to dawdle around - they might get burned if you don't take some risks and hurry to their rescue!

The two main characters Popo and Mimi both have their unique strengths and own play-styles, which you can choose from on your own preference.






Game Features

  • exciting & unique fire-fighting gameplay for NES&FC-compatible hardware
  • more than 32 challenging levels with many hidden secrets
  • a wide array of power-ups and enemies
  • two different game modes with strong changes to the gameplay
  • 2-player co-operative play, a partner can join the game at any time
  • randomly generated dangers, each play-through will challenge you in new ways


  • FC互換性ゲーム機用の熱く燃える消火&救出ゲームプレイ
  • 隠された多くの秘密満載の32面以上の挑戦的レベル
  • パワーアップや敵がてんこ盛り
  • ゲーム性が大きく異なる2種類のゲームモード
  • 二人同時プレイ、途中いつでも参加可能
  • ランダム生成された危険な試練はプレイする度に新たな挑戦をしかけてくる!

A free demo with four levels is NOW available to try from Itch.io!  Play it on an emulator on a device of your choice or through flashcard on real NES/FC hardware.

You can pre-order the full physical release in First Press Games' webstore, with scheduled release for April 2021: Click here to show all details!


First Press Games/WEBストアでは完全パッケージ版をご予約いただけます。2021年4月にリリース予定。詳細はこちらをクリック!

Demo Highscore Contest

Who can reach the highest score in the Blazing Rangers demo?

You can post a screenshot/photo of your best highscore on Twitter with the hashtag #RangermanDemo. Using the hashtag is needed to participate, and submissions officially end on the 31st of March 2021.

The five best score-holders at the end of the contest will be perpetuated on this Itch.io-page with their scores and a link to their Twitter-account!

We believe in everyone's good sportsmanship and ask participators not to cheat for a good score.


Twitter上でハッシュタグ #RangermanDemo をつけてベストハイスコアのスクリーンショットか写真をご投稿ください。


NES® & FC®/Famicom® are registered trademarks of Nintendo. This release is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Nintendo.

Blazing Rangers/炎のレンジャーマン  ©2021 Karu_gamo, First Press Games. All rights reserved.

Copying, secondary distribution, sale, or transfer of this work or it's demo to any medium without the permission of the right holder is prohibited.


FC、NES両体験版および本作品の権利はFirst Press Gamesまたは権利の所有者に帰属します。


Updated 11 days ago
Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorFirst Press Games
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, chiptune, demo, fire-fighting, Homebrew, japan, NES, NES Rom, Retro

Install instructions

The game files need a NES/FC-compatible emulator or flashcard to be executed.



Blazing Rangers NES Demo 40 kB
炎のレンジャーマン FC デモ 40 kB


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Check out my Vimeo gameplay! I might be a little bad at this, but check it out! Played on RetroArch multi-emulator


Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it after work!

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It looks like the good old days:)


I knew it was the same style of Gotta Protectors, at least it gained my hype. I only wish that they Gotta Protectors on more systems than the 3DS.


Was on the XBL, originally.


Cute and amazing! Loved!


Famicom game!

I enjoyed this game alot!



Thanks for playing!


I love it! Really amazing and cute!

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed the demo!


Amazing and fun game. Congrats!

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